Review: Sheena Rey

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Posted: September, 2011 by SHAMROX48

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Downtown Chicago

General Details

After seeing her website and ads a couple times throughout,  the year when she was in town, I decided to book an appointment with Sheena Rey because her pictures were proving to be more and more irresistable. 

And guess what... when she opened her door, her sexy-as-hell pictures STILL did not give her justice.  If you're a guy who appreciates the type of women you see in King magazine, then you'll love Sheena Rey's body.  She has all the hot and dangerous curves in all the right places, she wore a sexy blue teddy and her perfect tits were spilling out in the most arousing way imaginable.  When she turned around to lead me through her condo to her bed, her perfectly-sculpted round ass literally made my eyes bug out, much like a cartoon character when they see a sexy female.  I'll state it again, her pictures does not do her justice and her body is literally a picture of perfection.  Sheena Rey has the type body of a woman you'd only dream of, and here I was standing in the same room with her.  ...Pinch me now, is this a dream or what?

After a little small-talk on the couch,I asked where the washroom was.  As we were getting up, Sheena pointed out how cold my hands were.  It was a cold day, and I jokingly asked her if she preferred my hands cold, ...just in case.

After washing my hands in hot water, I walked back to the bedroom where Sheena sat on the bed.  While making some more small-talk, the clothes started coming off...

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