Review: Sheena Rey

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Posted: September, 2011 by ASCOUNDRELL

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Its Vegas baby...there are many things to do, places to see and eat! There is the bright lights, the flash, the shopping and the gambling! But above all there is Sheena Rey! A once in a lifetime experience that one must enjoy! It started off days before with an email stating I would be visiting the land of Wayne Newton soon and would love to set an appointment. She followed up and it was set for an afternoon secession. She ran a few minutes late and she let me know. Instead of waiting in my room I went downstairs to play a few slots to await her arrival [Had to do something its like a kid waiting for Santa!] . I followed up with her to let her know I would be in the Casino, she responded saying she made it and should we meet at a bar. Of course I just got a drink from a waitress and hit the bonus on a slot machine! Eventually I cashed out and walked to the bar where she was waiting. She is much sexier in person she gave me a hug and I ordered us a round! Non VIPs this is a 5 star escort! VIPs Read On!

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