Review: Tatiana Taylor / Mariah

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Posted: June, 2011 by WILLAY

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I met Mariah at a meet and greet. She was stunning to look at. Dainty and petite, as pretty as any model. Stacked. Almost shyly watching the chit-chat going on around her as she sipped a drink. She wore a multi colored snug fitting silky mini dress and just radiated hotness. We talked more and more and agreed we needed to get together privately.

At the end of the VIP story below I should add these notes, but there is more space here.

Mariah is a smart lady, interested in doing and learning many things. She creates and maintains her own web site, not an easy task as I know full well. It is clean, well designed and refreshingly easy to navigate. There are many “lingerie” shots of her with large enlargements, hiding her face which is drop dead gorgeous. I told her later she needed to add at least a couple of nipple revealing shots even if covered, and she needs to highlight her perfect tush. She’s considering it.

We talked about a lot of stuff. We’ve exchanged several post emails and she is a great conversationalist and loves to learn about new things

When we got together for our VIP session it was immediate fireworks and wonderfulness, and that’s all you’re going to know out here except that I highly recommend you meet Mariah. She is young, toned, fresh, new, talented and fantastic.

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