Review: Carrie Underwood

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Posted: May, 2011 by JEFFREY

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Session Location

Her Incall Suite (Chicago)

General Details

Spoke with Nikki on the phone, who told me Chrissy was at a downtown upscale location, and she sure was--elegant room, 2 full bathrooms, really classy set-up. Chrissy welcomed me in, wearing a sexy one-piece outfit, and also wearing a beautiful smile, kind-of mischieious, actually. When I mentioned she's a little younger than whom I usually see, she cuddled up and promised she'd make me feel young, too. How could I resist that overture? I tossed my clothes aside, she let me undress her, and we just flopped onto the comfortable bed, laughing, kissing and just overall playing with each other, both manually AND orally. Non-VIPs, don't hesitate to see Chrissy, she's only been in the biz about 6 months, and is totally unjaded and looking for adventure and fun, not just a paycheck. VIPs, read on and enjoy:

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