Review: Brynn Winters and Veronica Sway

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Posted: April, 2011 by POWERTEN

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Session Location

Midtown Toronto Condo

General Details

“Gentlemen, start your engines!” And keep the revs high if you want to keep up with Brynn Winters and Veronica Sway! My first duo and I’m not sure that it wasn’t all a dream. I had seen Brynn before and knew that she was a combination of innocent beauty and raw lust, so when she began advertising a special duo with her friend Veronica Sway I thought the time had come. The pictures they posted of the two of them together were erotic art at its best – I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes I were the photographer!

Contacted Brynn and set up the date to meet at Veronica’s mid-town Toronto condo. As Brynn told me, “it’ll give us more room to play than my little love nest.” I arrived with little loot bags of chocolate and a lovely Australian Shiraz. They met me at the door in lovely lingerie outfits with translucent peignoirs. I was trying not to show how nervous I was but they immediately placed me between them on the sofa, poured some wine, and gobbled a couple of chocolates. They gave me a greedy look and began nuzzling me from both sides. It’s hard to imagine two more beautiful women looking so alike and yet so different. After our wine, Veronica led me to the bathroom for a quick shower and then I joined them in the bedroom. It was candlelit with warm colours and fabrics; dominated in the middle by a king sized bed. Veronica took my towel and Brynn motioned me to lie down between them. As they knelt above me, both girls unfastened their bras and pressed themselves against me. . .

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