Review: Aurora Snow

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Posted: March, 2011 by CARABINER

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Los Angeles

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I had another trip to LA that I could have avoided, but I saw Aurora Snow was on Pam's line-up and I had to try! I worked with Pam before and she is great, and I pre-booked a 1.5 hour appointment for an outcall to my hotel in Orange County. I am not a fan of the deposit but Pam makes it easy and effortless.

Aurora Snow has always been a huge fav of mine, and I was giddy that I may actually meet her. She knocked on my hotel door like one minute before the appointment and I was amazed to see a very hot and warm Aurora greet me with a huge smile and hug. She was dressed casually upon my request but looked so smoking hot. Her smile is crazy. I noticed how much she smiles in her movies but did not consider it too much. In person her smile was a huge turn-on to me. It is warm and genuine, not forced or nervous. After some idle chat she excused herself to the other room and emerged a few minutes later in a stunning mini-dress that dangled off her shoulders. At that point my smile was as big as hers :)

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