Review: Chloe / Summer

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Posted: December, 2010 by ROANOKE1979

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Summer's beautiful smile totally sums up her personality, love of life, sexiness, etc...

It's amazing to me that even though this is a job, some of the sweetest ladies I've ever met are providers...and Summer is one of the sweetest of the sweetest.

Besides the sex, being with her is just plain fun...she's got a great story and a great outlook.

She's a passionate, somewhat submissive partner and very good at what she does. I can't imagine anyone not liking her, even if she's not you're type. She's curvy, and has got it all in the right places....very feminine. Her soft, round ass in doggie is a piece of soft art...LOL!

She has a cast on the lower part of one leg from an accident and what can I say, it was kind of cute...

Sir Cumalot

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