Review: TS Hilda Brasil

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Posted: June, 2010 by DTBCTREK

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Sao Paulo, Brazil - Brazil

General Details

I have been hesitating about writing this review for about two months knowing that I may get a negative reaction from some of Hilda’s fans in the States, but I figured that I owed it to some guys in order to give them the information I have acquired during my almost three month stay in Brazil, visiting Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bouzios. Anyway I contacted Hilda via email before my trip and she directed me to her blogspot and a Malicia website that she is on and off depending on her whim. She is now back on Anyway, she was nice enough to answer my emails before the trip and to answer some my questions about her hot girlfriends on Malicia. She ended all correspondences with “kiss” or “kisses Hilda” and I was excited about seeing her after looking at all the photos of her. I finally arrived in Sao Paulo after flying all night, took a hotel limo to the hotel and worried about getting robbed via gunpoint every time we stopped in heavy traffic and a motorcyclist drove by. I sat in the front and put everything in the trunk to avoid the possibility that this might happen. I received advice from a fellow passenger on the flight who flies down all the time on business; he has a company driver pick him up in a non-descript car. I recommend the bus. I finally checked into my hotel, and after a bite to eat in the club lounge I called Hilda to let her know I was in town and to make arrangements for the next day. When I got her on the phone I told her how wiped out I was, and would love to see her the next day. Hilda then started working me with her rap about how horny she was and that she could drive over to see me at my hotel tonight. After a few minutes of this I agreed. I asked her to wear casual clothes that were very discrete and unsexy because I was in a 5 star hotel. I asked if she understood and she said, “Yes, dress like a lady.” I responded, “yes”.

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