Review: Cassandra

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this was the first time useing this agency so i had to go through a simple screening procedure which took about an hour. after this procedure was done the agency gave me a call with the directions to a secure gated community. it is a lil confuseing getting to the agency appartment so they ask you to call them back at a certain point so they can direct you in. very helpfull. once at the door cassandra answered in a sexy as hell bra and panty set. greeted by a hug and DFK she grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom, where she started a shower for me. as i was showering cassandra stuck her head in and asked me to get comfortable and to make my wat to the bed when i was done showering. once done showering i laid on the bed with nothing on but a towell for only about 30 seconds before cassandra entered the room. non-vips i highly recommend.

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