Review: Yesenia

TER ID: 157514

Posted: December, 2014 by JD278

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Session Location

her apartment

General Details

Yesenia posted a trivia question on P411 and I answered correctly, but it was last week's question. She gave me a discounted hour anyway. She is not really my type, but at this rate what's to lose? Screening was effortless via P411. We had talked on the phone and Yesenia places great importance on how this conversation goes. If you are a dick you will not see her. Come the day we talk on the phone again and she directs me to a liquor store near her place.

Once there I call her but no answer. a couple minutes later I receive a text from a new number that she is running late and I text her to take her time. 30 minutes later she texts me her complex address. As I pull out of the parking lot I get another text asking me to pick up a liquor she likes (her expense), so I go back and get it, then drive to her complex in a nice neighborhood near the old Westminster mall. I call her and she directs me to her condo. I have some difficulty finding it on foot but eventually get there. She answers the door in a black fishnet thing, looking just like her pictures. Her pics somehow don't convey how nice her skin is. She is a fit lady without any fat. Immediately gives me LFK. Also greeting me is the cutest pit bull, who runs off to grab a toy to play with me.

Yesenia has character! She is a funny lady. Definitely street-wise and tough. Went to one of the toughest high schools in Denver, as did I. She showed me a sweet side, though. I love that she is out in the open, shows her face, and does not hide what she does. What if we were all like that?

During activities, this pit bull was watching bemusedly, walking all around the bed. Yesenia told me to watch out I didn't get my dick bit off, and that I was getting two girls for the price of one. She also has lots of interesting stories to tell.

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