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Posted: April, 2016 by CANDLEMAN

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I have had my eye on Victoria Jolie for years trying to get her travels to match mine. Had a number of close, but could never stretch my schedule to match hers. Perseverance does pay off, as I finally saw on her recent tour through the south that our schedules would match. Immediately got in touch with her and scheduled my choice time - first thing in the morning. I love early morning appointments; you know you are first in line and everything is fresh as a daisy for both of us. Screening was easy with verification services and our time together was planned well in advance. We confirmed a few days before via email, then again the day before so I could get the incall information.

On day of, texted her when I was on my way and she immediately responded to let me know she was up and getting ready. I

had planned to stop and get coffee on my way and offered to get her some so she wouldn't have to drink in-room hotel coffee. She appreciated the gesture, but she had her Rockstars to get her going already and didn't need any more caffeine. Got to the hotel on time and texted her I had arrived. Waited a few minutes then called, which she immediately picked up. She apologized for missing my text and told me the room number and I made my way to her room, lightly knocked and the door opened. OMG, I am sure my mouth dropped open at the vision of sexy beauty before me. Vic is gorgeous, super sexy, tall and has an amazingly fit body. And her sexy french accent - Oooh la la! Just icing on her very delicious cake, as it were. She keeps herself in excellent shape and obviously works out daily as well as eats very healthy. Quick hug and kiss and I sat my stuff down, including the envelope.

Vic had the room arranged with soft lighting and music playing in the background, with candles lit around the room, very good to set the mood. After setting my stuff down, we embraced for more kissing and some chatting. She reclined on the bed and held her arms out for me to join her. I quickly got down to my briefs and joined her on the bed for more chatting, kissing and gentle strokes to build the excitement.

VIPs read on but know that Vic is everything you want in a courtesan. She is extremely professional in all of her communication, prompt in responses and obviously takes being a gentleman's companion very seriously. As I stated, she is extremely very fit; I would describe her as statuesque. Her extensive pics on her website are recent and very accurate. And, I use the term courtesan very deliberately. Vic is extremely professional in all aspects of being a gentleman's companion, from the way she keeps herself fit, to the low volume so she can focus on the gentleman (or two) of the day. She actually does research new gentlemen so she knows more about them when they arrive. And, she immediately puts you at ease with excellent conversation and that oh so sexy french accent. Even with years of built up expectations, she exceeded everything I had dreamed and more. I give her my highest recommendation. Hers is an experience not to be missed in the hobby. I just hope it does not take years for our travels to coincide again. I will definitely work hard to get our schedules to match so I can see her again. Hell, I may schedule a special trip just to visit her when she's traveling; she is that good.

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