Review: Victoria / Vikkitoria / Nikki / Vikki

TER ID: 169835

Posted: February, 2014 by SHOREFUN

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My hotel

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Agreed on a time at my hotel while I was in town on business. She was almost an hour late but a big part of that can be blamed on the traffic - not entirely her fault. She was very sexy and has a tight body. It was all business but you can tell she enjoys her work. Me being new to the hobby I was a little nervous but she did a great job of helping me relax and enjoy. She's not a total GFE but that was fine. All in all a good experience until the end. Before she left she used the bathroom for a while. When she was gone I realized she took every piece of shampoo, some toilet paper, the drinking glasses, and a few towels. This rubbed me the wrong way - would have gladly offered them if she had asked - but this made me wonder what else she would have taken had it been in the bathroom at the same time? Would repeat if it weren't for that part.

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