Review: Vanessa / Jasmine / Jazz

TER ID: 235267

Posted: October, 2015 by 1RIMJOB69

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I setup an appointment with Jazz via text. Was told to call once I got there. I was running about 7 min late due to the exit ramp being closed and had to go a different route. I txt her to let her know and she said tht was fine. I get there and tried to call her and she texts and says it'll be and hour until late she is ready. I began to get irritated and told her I didn't know if I would stay tht long. She said she'll try to be ready in 45 min. I sat in the hotel parking lot trying to contact other providers that I have seen in the area. If they answered I was going to them. Finally 35 min later she says she is ready. I go inside and she greats me @ the door looking pretty good. We get down to business. I would repeat in a pinch because the actual service was great.

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