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Posted: November, 2016 by REGGY

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Bathurst - New Brunswick

General Details

I had met With Tia back in 2014 twice when on my week off from the oil fields. The first was a VIP meeting the second a VIP lunch date. I had enjoyed my session so much with Tia that I wanted to see her again and spend some quality time with her. We had talked and got to know a bit about her on the first meeting I wanted to spend more time with her and not just in the bedroom. Needless to say I was extremely happy with both meetings.

This lead to my recent meeting with Tia in Bathurst and the writing of this review. I was surprised at first when I saw Tia was touring New Brunswick and would be in Bathurst as this is off the beaten path for most escort tours but then Tia is not your typical escort. She truly likes her work and the people she meets. It was just like Tia to go to smaller not visited places by other escorts to meet new people and have new experiences.

It didn’t take me long to contact Tia (easily done through local “backpages” ads her website “”). Tia I have found checks both her answering service (647 323 2605 ) or email ( ) and will get back to you shortly. As usual not long after I received a reply call from Tia after a brief talk where I told her I had met her before in Alberta I was delighted to hear she remembered our meeting. It was so good to talk with Tia that I decided to ask for a full night with her to my joy she replied she would love doing that with me. The morning Tia was leaving to come to Bathurst she asked if I would like her to come to my place before she registered at her hotel as she was driving from River du Loup. I was only to glad to give her my address and have her visit me. WOW a world renowned escort visiting my home down shore from Bathurst!

Tia arrived at my place in late afternoon about the time she said she would be there. She had called about an hour before to let me know she was close. Damn she looks fantastic! I made us both a tea for her to relax after her drive. We sat around chatting and reacquainting ourselves since we had last met. I had followed Tia’s blog so knew about her world tour. But she had such wonderful experiences to tell me and being Tia wanted to hear what I had been up to since our last meeting. I showed her my place inside then we walked about the yard and down to the beach. Tia is so easy to relax and be comfortable with.

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