Review: TS Meghan Chavalier

TER ID: 108823

Posted: October, 2007 by BUFFALO SOLDIER

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I was traveling across the USA and seeing all types of providers - my Cincinatti first choice wasn't available so I decided to check out Meghan. She was once a TS porn star now living in Indiana. I called and she was nice on the phone - got directions - made my way to her small 'hunting shack'. Had a lot of problems getting a cell phone signal but eventually I arrived and she met me at the door. She was dressed plain looking with glasses. I'd driven for hours and wasn't going to cancel at this point. Climbed the stairs to her country hideaway and she offered me a beer and we sat down and relaxed. Talked a good 15 minutes - she's cool and very nice, but has aged some and gained a lot of weight compared to her earlier days.

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