Review: Toni Benz

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Posted: October, 2017 by JACKFROMKENWOOD

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Session Location

Columbus, Ohio

General Details

Just remember ... I am actually trying to paint each provider in the best light possible. If I don't mention much about looks, I probably did not like them. If I leave out something, it is only because I don't want to poison someone's opinion.

Most of the review is very objective, with a critique on the attitude (which I find most important). This is an abridged version. If you want the real facts, not painted to show the best light, but a realistic viewpoint, PM JackFromKenwood for it.

With an incall in the Dublin area of Columbus, her place was very clean. All pictures are very current.

Boobs: Huge!!! General body type: Big boobs ... but not close to a bbw.

Somewhat easy to schedule and she was on time.

Just a few texts was all it took!

Incall seemed safe in a safe commercial-retail area!

I arrived on time after a standard two-text set up ... When I opened the door ...

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