Review: Tashizelle Monroe

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Posted: June, 2017 by CHAKRA69

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I found myself in London on business and decided to take some time for myself. I had searched with my tastes and parameters. I came across Tashizelle's profile and immediately found myself drawn in. I contacted her and happy to see her response was very open and inviting. She made it very easy to follow her screening.

We set a date for the next day, and that is when the intrigue and life changing events began. Tashizelle is a solidly grounded person who can bring you into her view of the world. I recently made changes in my world and quickly realized what was in front of me. She is one of the most exotic, erotic, wicked smart females I experience in quite some time. I immediately felt like we had known each other for some time. The energy was sexy, loving and erotic and changing.

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