Review: Tashizelle Monroe

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Central London

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I found Tashizelle Monroe's website and I was totally intrigued by both her writing and her pictures. She has a beautiful and convincing way of presenting herself in writing. I complied with her screening policy (a sensible idea for both of us, I thought) and a few hours later I was on my way to meeting her in a nice flat in Central London. Tashizelle is just stunning. She opened the door wearing a tight green dress that accentuated her athletic (yoga) figure. I immediately felt at ease with her. She has a sexy Californian accent and a way of moving that made me think she was floating around the room. Her smile is to die for and her green eyes are magnetic. We talked for a while and I just couldn’t take my gaze away from her. I realised, as well, how genuine, intelligent and wise she is. In an extremely natural way she created an atmosphere of mutual trust. Furthermore, it was an atmosphere charged by an unbelievable sexual energy. In a few minutes I was desiring her with an intensity I that never felt before.

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