Review: Sweet Kimy

TER ID: 19918

Posted: July, 2021 by KYLEREESEMV

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my motel room

General Details

So I used to see Kimy years ago, when she was living full time in the area. Lost contact with her when some of the local message boards went down(local guys will remember this). I randomly stumbled upon her profile on here and saw she was in town so I decided to contact her for old times sake. I didn't expect her to remember me, but she did somehow. She looks great and has slimmed down from when I saw her last. She was as easy to talk to as she was years ago and we spend a good 20 minutes just catching up on our lives since we saw each other last. Once we moved onto the fun part, things got real good fast. She was just as good as I remember, if not better. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and am very happy I reconnected with her.

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