Review: Stacy / Julie Diamond / Julie Dee

TER ID: 1201

Posted: November, 2016 by TRIPLEJJ

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Midtown NYC

General Details

Had seen this older providers ad on line for a while and when I was unable to set up an appointment with any of my regulars I decided to reach out to Julie to see if she was available. Exchanged a few texts and then followed up with a call. It was pretty easy to set up a lunchtime date and before I knew it I was at her door. Upon entering her apartment I was greeted by an older attractive woman, but definitely on the older side. I nonetheless decided to make the most of it. She suggested I take a shower and when I got out she had stripped down to some sexy lingerie and we embraced. From there some fun times ensued. Not sure if I would repeat because of her age, but in the end I have to say I did enjoy the session. Non-VIPs, I'd recommend if you were in the mood for an older experienced woman. Non VIPs, read on for details.

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