Review: Sierraday / Sierra Dayna

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Posted: April, 2016 by TIREMAN817

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I had originally contacted Sierra approximately a year and a half prior to our recent meeting but at that time with my work and other activities and with her traveling/tour schedule, we couldn't quite make it happen so one Sunday evening I was sitting and doing some serious thinking about upcoming goals and other issues and she popped in my mind. I have been a fan of this fine lady for years so later that evening I sent Sierra an email entitled that "it had been a while" and the very next morning I have a reply from her seeming to be very excited and had remembered when we had first made contact before. So all day Monday and Tuesday we trade emails and by Tuesday evening I have a date set for Thursday evening. We talked for several minutes on the phone on Wednesday. We had agreed to meet at a luxury hotel in north Atlanta. I arrive in the parking garage of the hotel quite a few minutes early and I text her and let her know I'm a little early and she gives me the room number and says to come on up. I arrive at her room and I'm a little nervous so, I knock and the door opens, and this beautiful angel sticks her head out from behind the door with a huge smile and tells me to come in. I walk in and she greets me with a hug and kiss and is wearing a long black silky robe while wearing pinkish red lingerie underneath. With those heels she must have been at least 6'4. I was literally petrified at her beauty and charm, then I step in the bathroom for a brief moment and place the donation on the vanity next to some of her personal belongings, I come out and sit over on the couch and we talk, laugh, and joke for several minutes and even watch some TV and I was very much blown away by how down to earth she is. During that time we are doing some smooching and cuddling and finally she reaches up and touches my face and neck and feels how warm I am, it was a pretty hot and humid day in north Georgia so then she asks me if I'm ready to get out of my clothes and get comfortable and as I'm doing that, Sierra comes out of the robe and climbs up on the bed and looks back at me like a wild exotic animal waiting to be fed, so I climb on to the bed and the fun and excitement began.

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