Review: Sierraday / Sierra Dayna

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Posted: February, 2014 by PGMR01

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her hotel

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Sierra is the long tall drink of water you wish you could have.. Well now you can and i got to say, it is a trip to heaven that you do not want to miss.

When i went in she had on 5 inch heals and she is dazzling that put her at close to 7 feet my head was just right at boobs height and it was a little difficult to kiss but it was a great kiss so we sat down and all was better she is all legs and then some.

we sat and kissed and hands romed it was great I slipped off her heals and we stood as she led me to the bedroom and the difference was not so bad. i followed her up the stairs it was a truly beautiful sight. guys she is a little pricey but an expreience you do not want to miss

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