Review: Sexy Cougar Annie / Teri

TER ID: 252619

Posted: September, 2017 by YOUNGSINATRA100

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Santa Ana

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Been seeing her ad for years and have tried to make contact in the past but for some reason or other, we have never met (until this past weekend). i texted her and she replied fairly quickly. after a little light screening, we arranged to meet later that afternoon at her place in an older and big oc apartment complex that was in an ok neighborhood but definitely not in the cookie cutter, high rent districts that seem to be growing all over the oc. had to park at a shopping center lot and walk to her place. no problem though because she guided me there by cell phone. when i knocked on her door, an attractive older blond lady (ok a gilf) let me in but i had to be slow about coming up to her because she was being guarded by a very big and muscular dog. turns out the dog was very friendly and it did not mind that i hugged and kissed its owner to introduce myself to this charming woman, annie. we talked a bit and then she escorted me to her bedroom. since it was a pretty hot day, i thought that it would be prudent for me to take a shower first so that was what i did. when i returned to the bedroom, she was waiting for me looking very sexy and seductive sitting on top of the bed. the naughty look in her eyes showed me that i was in for a great time

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