Review: Sensual Sofia / Queen Sofia

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Posted: February, 2016 by HOTH1942

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Upscale Strip Hotel

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I’ve always heard that Latinas are super sexy are very hot in bed, so when I saw on Sofia’s ad that besides being drop dead gorgeous, she was Brazilian, I knew that I had to meet her. I sent her a booking request through her website and she got back to me in few hours. The screening and date confirmation process went very smoothly.

A couple of days before we were supposed to meet, she sent me a text reconfirming our date and mentioning how special she would like our time together to be. I felt the excitement of a teenager going on his first date with the school’s popular girl.

I wanted the girlfriend experience with dinner followed by my exotic dessert. I arrived at the restaurant few minutes early and waited at the bar. When she walked in wearing a classy but very sexy dress and greeted me with a beautiful smile and a warm kiss, I knew that our night was going to be more than I expected! She has a famous smoking hot Brazilian body and a sexy accent that will drive any man crazy. As the date progressed, I found out that she is very well traveled and educated and made me feel comfortable straight away (besides the throbbing on my pants getting worse as dinner progressed. Looking at her sexy mouth sucking oyster shells drove me crazy and I almost couldn’t wait until the end of the meal to ravish my dessert.

During dinner she was flirting with me, smiling warmly, touching my hand from time to time, reassuring me that it would be a night to remember. Food, wine and conversation were great, but finally it was time to the best part and hand in hand we left the restaurant and walked towards the elevator. I almost couldn’t control myself not to rip her clothes off before arriving to the room. What happened next was a night to remember indeed. Sofia wears well her ad title of Sensual Sofia and is all she promises and much more. For the non-VIPs: Make sure that your next visit to Vegas includes a date with this exotic goddess. You can thank me later.

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