Posted: January, 2018 by MGIB08

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Las Vegas

General Details

I had seen Sofia on a previous trip to Vegas so reached out to her again when I was going to be back in town in January. As with the previous time, she is very responsive and fantastic with communication and coordination, which is something that I truly appreciate. We talked about a few options on how to spend our time together and landed on inviting Jasmeen LeFleur to join us for a couple of hours in my room. When the day of the date came, Sofia was perfect about setting up the time and location to meet, and when I met the two of them down in the lobby of the hotel I knew I was in for a great time.

Both Sofia and Jasmeen are an absolute ton of fun, on top of being super hot and very sensual. Once we were in the room, the chemistry and vibe were great, once we got business out of the way the ladies got comfortable and helped me do the same...

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