Review: Sara Jay

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Posted: August, 2014 by SWEETIEPIE87

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I finally made a appointment with a pornstar and lucky it was with Ms. Sara Jay. After I got screen by her assistant Nina, she ask for a 200 deposit upfront which I think kinda suck but than again its Sara Jay!

After the deposit I meet Sara at her incall place (3 star hotel) and the first thing that came in mind was what the hell?! You pretty tall. Shes about 5'7 and I always read she was suppose to be 5'2 or 5'3, but the thing that got me off guard was that booty of hers, for it was not as big like in the movies.

Anyways I had a good time with her. Her performance was indeed like a pornstar but could have been better though. The reason because she look a bit tired. So FYI, if Nina tells you that she will be on-set before your appointment be sure not to see her for she was tired. All in all, I had a time I wont ever forget, but than again I would not see her again especially for that price.

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