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Posted: September, 2015 by DELUXCOCK

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Back in Chicago and had the need. Searched a few escort sites, read a few reviews and settled on Rosie. Hadn't had a Latina in awhile and wanted to be reminded of why I LOVE them. Called Rosie and left a message. No response so sent a text and asked if she was working. Sent me a returned text almost immediately and said she was working. Then my phone rang and she was on the other end. Cute voice but sounded stoned. Seemed confused about her 1/2 hour price and what her schedule was. Since her reviews were good and she had a cute voice (and I liked her pictures) I ignored that little voice in the back of my head saying "find somebody else." I should have listened, but didn't. Set up a time and she texted me the address to her extended stay hotel. 15 minutes later she sent me another text telling me that she needed to push the appointment back by 15 minutes. Arrived to her hotel, sent her a text saying I was there but no response after 10 minutes. I then called her phone but no answer. Waited 5 more minutes and started the car to leave and her text came in saying she needed 15 more minutes. 20 minutes later she called and gave me the room number. When I got to the room I was impressed with her looks and her outfit. Nice bra and crotchless panty set with garters and stockings. Cute little shave kitty poking through the opening. Surprised to see that she is about 3 months pregnant, but what the hell. She looked good. VIPs, read on. Non-VIPs, YMMV but I won't be back.

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