Review: Rani Lane

TER ID: 94658

Posted: October, 2013 by BREVJAB

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I met Rani via Twitter just a couple weeks ago and we immediately hit it off and started flirting pretty seriously. I found out she provides BDSM service and having not experienced that before, I was curious. She answered all my questions and piqued my interest. However, she lives in Vegas and I'm in Florida and she doesn't tour Florida. I lamented that my travels don't take me to her area and that I hoped she would come to Florida sometime. Her quick response was to let me know she would come to Florida to see me for an extended hours appointment. Oh boy, I had a quick decision to make! It wasn't hard and I agreed and we talked more and got hot in our messages about what she would to to me. After a while of that I said if she was coming all the way down to Florida, that only an overnight appointment would do. She enthusiastically agreed, I quickly gave her my credentials, and we had a plan. She gave me some available dates and guess what? I picked the early one. I just had to see her and experience her. The day finally came around, I secured the hotel with points and she arrived at my hotel in the early evening. Such a lovely woman entered my room. Her smile is absolutely gorgeous and she exudes sexiness. We chatted a bit before deciding to head out to dinner. What happened next is for the VIP section, but I'll just say here my world was flat out rocked until morning.

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