Review: Rani Lane

TER ID: 94658

Posted: June, 2013 by BD4158

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I’ve seen Rani 4 times in the last year. When I come to Vegas for WSOP, I always get lucky with her. She is my ATF, and I plan to continue seeing her whenever I’m in Vegas. Contacted her via text (a perk of being a repeat visitor), scheduling tentatively for the next evening. I had no idea when exactly I would be ready, as it depended on how long I stayed in the poker tournament. She said “I always have time for you”, and was extremely flexible in regards to a possibly very late appointment. The night of our meeting, she called when she was on her way, and texted when she arrived at my hotel. She is great with communication and keeping me up to speed on her location. Soon enough, I heard a knock at my door.

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