Review: Rachel Luv

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My hotel

General Details

Texted Rachel to set up an appointment. Arranged a time and date with zero hassle. We exchanged flirty messages in the days leading up. I sent her a photo of an outfit I wanted her to replicate if possible. She didn't have anything like it, so I bought it for her.

She kept me posted on her day with more flirty messages which was great. She arrived on time dressed casually, as I had requested for her entrance to my hotel, but she looked really cute.

Welcomed her in, and she kissed me as we sat and got to know each other. Rachel excused herself to change into the outfit I had brought, and wow. It's like it was designed for her. I was even more aroused. She sidled up to me and we were off to the races.

Cannot recommend enough. VIP, read on.....

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