Review: Paige RIPOFF!

TER ID: 120857

Posted: September, 2008 by KSTYLE1733

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Session Location

my place

General Details

Called late at night and a woman answered, said she would send Paige over within an hour. Just as promised, I get a knock on my door about an hour later. I see Paige and I think that she is pretty hot, so things look good....but that was as good as it got.

She came in and called her driver and asked for the donation. I took care of that, as expected. She took of her clothes and layed down on my bed. I got naked and layed down beside her but she would barely let me touch her, stating that they aren't full service.

I got a lame 15 minute massage and an earfull of her running mouth, that was it.

I'm not even going to say YMMV because it doesn't, she just doesn't deliver.

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