Review: Nikki

TER ID: 250260

Posted: July, 2017 by NEVRAS9500

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Las Vegas casino hotel

General Details

I had seen Nikki's ad on backpage and was always intrigued by her pictures. But my recent trip helped make it possible to finally meet her. I reached out to her and she almost immediately responded. We made arrangements to meet at my hotel off the Strip. Details were easy to make up and we agreed to meet at the hotel casino. But in finding she walked past me and all I saw from behind was this long legged hot check in heels and short jeans pants and I knew immediately it was her despite nevershowing her face. I caught up to her and we went to my room for some small talk. She excused herself to the restroom where she found the donation and came back and asked if she wanted to take our clothes off. Folks this woman is unbelievable and I will repeat and you all need to get your chance to be a repeat customer cause she just might limit herself to just those lucky few. VIPs read on.

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