Review: Nicolette Shea

TER ID: 323873

Posted: June, 2017 by MANHUNG69

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I was checking around for an early bday gift to myself when I stumbled across Nicolette and let me say It was the best decision I made. Guys this girl is drop dead gorgeous in person I will say that she is the most beautiful woman who I have ever been with. This lady is all class so expect a good screening process from her assistant but once you have the greenlight thank your lucky stars cause it will be a night you will never forget. My advice is don't pass her up if she comes to your city treat her well and schedule accordingly cause you will want to keep her all to yourself once you meet her. So the day finally came she came to Chicago I got her number from her assistant with the address to the 5 star hotel she was staying at. Work ran late so I was running late when I got home to get ready It must have been my lucky day cause her assistant message me saying her flight got delayed and she is just on her way to her hotel if we could push the date 30 min back it worked for me, On my way to the hotel I texted her and she gave me the room #. I went straight up to her room knocked on the door she opened the door wrapped in a towel cause she was just out of the shower and my jaw just dropped as I laid eyes on her. She is breath taking I couldn't form a proper sentence but she immediately made me comfortable vips read on

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