Review: Nadia Ford

TER ID: 375894

Posted: August, 2022 by GCOSTANZA

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Las Vegas

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Nadia is a true hidden gem in Las Vegas. I met Nadia at the Vegas Meet & Greet back in January and have already seen her three times this year and a fourth visit is on the way before the year is over. She is that intoxicating as a lover and a lover of life. It should be noted that I have been a TER member for 20 years and this is my first review. She made, and continues to make, that kind of impression on me that I decided to make my review debut at long last and share my experience with her with all of you.

Nadia draws you in with those big, beautiful eyes, great conversation on all manner of topics, then finishes you off with a sultry, smoldering, erotic whirlwind that leaves you satisfied in so many ways. Members, keep reading ...

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