Review: Nadia Ford

TER ID: 375894

Posted: November, 2022 by CARGUY01

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So I got go to a Philly Meet & Greet . Its been a very long time for me to go to one of these. Met a lot of fun people and some great ladies . In comes Nadia ( Fashionably late ) with this form fitting dress on and this great smile . Wonderful eyes and we where chatting for a bit !! Went to talk to some other ladies in the room also . I mean we are at a meet and greet right lol . It seemed that we always came back to each other to talk some more . Nadia is a very fun person to talk to . In her convo she was cold so my opportunity to kid around and keep her warm !! Also told me about her Uber experience . I offered to take her back to her place as for it was on my way !! Got to her Hotel and went to the room . Non Vips Nadia is a special person and a lot of fun . On to the good stuff .

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