Review: Mistress Sheila / Princess Sheila

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San Fernando Valley

General Details

The first time I saw Princess Sheila she was wearing thigh high leather boots and a boustier. I don't know what she does to stay in shape, but her body is amazing. She has black Betty Page style bangs and the most beautiful feline eyes. I was looking for a woman with icy looks and cool command who's as smart as she is gorgeous. I've seen her ten times since then and can't seem to stay away. She seems to know instinctively what turns me on- either greeting me with a peck on the cheek and a hug or grabbing my hair and spitting in my mouth, if I'm late or said something wrong. She's perfect. She always wears something different- fishnets and vinyl one week, leopard print teddy the next. Her home is in a very quiet street. The first time I met her I was a little coy and just wanted to give her a massage and worship her lovely feet. The second time I wanted to get nasty and she was happy to oblige....

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