Posted: June, 2016 by NICK4567

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my condo

General Details

This is a total scam! Do not call AriAnna! She robbed me!

I have seen AriAnna's ads consistently the last several weeks. I think she was on my list to call before, but didn't get to her. Finally did tonight. She answered the phone and was chipper and sweet, and ready to come over (now I know why).

She came to my place, was sweet and chipper some more and liked how I had her $200 in an envelope. We went up to the bedroom when she said she needed her other phone and her condoms. I said I had condoms but she said hers were flavored. she went back downstairs. Suddnely I had a sinking felling--I looked out the window and saw her get in the car, and then turn the lights on. I raced down stairs and managed to pound on her window as shw was waiting to turn out of the parking lot, but the fucking bitch just smiled chirply and drove off.

I guess the rest of you have had that happen. First time for me. No juicy details for VIP. Just a warning

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