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Posted: April, 2024 by PUFFSQUIGMONT

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Tempe Condo

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As the ever-evolving hobby scene adjusts, one of the popular trends is towards the "erotic massage" type of scenario, where, "on the flip, they'll oil your hip". In some instances, these "masseuses" will even offer full service options for an additional donation. And while you may get lucky, and they are excellent at the art of massage, chances are, if they're opening their legs, the rest of it may suck.

Today, I didn't want to take any chances. Legit was my need.

Nursing a sore shoulder, I sought the well-reviewed services of Miss MiaXO. And she responded, quickly. With her private studio, in a lazy, quiet apartment complex, and with her strong hands and capable skills, this stunningly hot, angel-on-earth, drained me of every worry and care. To the last drop.

And although the release is "level 1", and Hands Only, The Mia Experience was a Soul Healing, Sensually Soothing, Touch Symphony. Where intrusion from more primal acts, would've only killed the vibe.

In that place and time, my visit was a perfect 10. And something everyone should experience at least once in their life!

Read on for my ramblings about how our hobby has changed over the years, and in the case of Mia, for the better!

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