Review: Mell Jabour

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Posted: February, 2017 by SOCAL14

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I had been wanting to meet Mell for a long time, maybe two years. There was something about her photos that I found especially exciting, unique and exotic. The silky blonde hair, the long legs of a dancer, the unique curve and shape of her mouth even in the blurred photos. In my mind I had built up quite a fantasy of this Brazilian bombshell. This could have been a recipe for extreme disappointment, but with the spectacular Mell Jabour I was aiming too low. She is astonishingly beautiful on many levels.

Finally back in the Bay Area after a long absence, I reached out about a week ahead of time for the arrangements. Mell’s communication was outstanding, first by email and then by text. Cute, flirty, always positive, happy, slowly building excitement for our meeting. She arrived at my hotel exactly on time looking elegant and sleek in a dark blue, form fitting dress, bare shoulders, with sparkly hoop earrings and matching bangles. Wine. Easy conversation. Shy at first, but more confident and open as we talked. I found myself feeling quite intimidated by her beauty, but after the first glass of wine I finally leaned in for a delicious kiss. She opened her mouth as our tongues swirled together, moaned softly, and leaned back as I let my hand move over her dress. I could feel her nipples come to attention through the soft material. I took her hand and led her to stand in front of a full length wall mirror, standing behind her with my hands on her thighs. Mell lifted her dress over her head, tossed it to the floor, and instantly transformed into a sexual fantasy vixen clad only in black stockings and panties. Holy fuck.

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