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Posted: October, 2016 by SMEDLEY73

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I noticed Maya’s ad on one of the boards and liked her photos so I checked out her reviews and decided that I needed to see her.

Maya is somewhat new to the Seattle scene so there weren’t too many reviews to go by but I liked the ones that had been submitted so far and her bio on her web site. She describes herself as a half Asian spinner and her photos, while limited, show her to have a nice athletic body.

While I like various parts of the female anatomy and really have to have a nice engaging personality, the primary physical feature for which I select my girlfriends is based on how pretty their facial features are. Yes, I’m shallow but hey I admit it.

She doesn’t show her face in any of the photos but earlier reviews described her as pretty and somewhat exotic.

Communication was simple. She responds quite quickly to emails and accepted my credentials and references and after a little back and forth came up with a time and place to meet. She was very flexible in her scheduling.

I arrived at the hotel on time, texted her that I was there, got the room number and knocked on the door a few moments later.

The door swung inward and behind it was a very pretty petite young woman with a megawatt smile. Although she is half Asian, her face primarily appears to be European with a few subtle exotic touches.

We shared some wine and made small talk until the kissing started. She’s a great kisser!!

She has an enjoyable flirty young woman’s personality. And we discussed several areas of mutual interest like our love of hiking and our dogs.

Non-VIPS I highly recommend her but please don’t get her so busy that she doesn’t have time for me as I plan to be a regular.

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