Review: Logan Laine

TER ID: 348245

Posted: March, 2023 by LUCKYFISH97

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Session Location

Outcall My hotel-Vegas

General Details

So this was another provider I saw on my trip. To start off, Logan is very understanding about mistakes. So after spending time with Lapis, I had meant to email a friend about canceling a trip outside of Vegas in the desert, I accidentally sent the email to Logan, so I wake to hear that Logan got that cancelation message, so I contacted her explaining the mistake and tried to get her to come that day. Later in the day, she understood that it was a mistake and was still willing to come. Hours later, I picked her up from the lobby and we went back to my room. There we get the business squared and she goes into the bathroom. When she came out. She was wearing the most revealing piece of red lingerie. It really show how curvy she was as like what others had said.

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