Review: Linda Lacey

TER ID: 281134

Posted: June, 2015 by NYCEGUY

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upper east side

General Details

Those of you of a certain age may detect the similarity between Linda Lacey’s name and that of a

porn star of the 70s with outstanding oral talents. Linda Lacey is much, much, prettier and has many other talents as well, all performed with a seductive smile and a sensual body. Having visited too many escorts with messy apartments, bright lights and no music, I was very relieved and pleased to arrive at LL’s very cozy, tidy and dimly lit apartment. LL greeted my very hot girlriend EK and I (yes, this was to be a threesome) in a very sexy, sparkly cocktail dress, with stockings and heels showing off her great legs and body. And the fun was about to begin.

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