Review: Lily Adalene

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Posted: September, 2017 by CHILDOFGOD666

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Lower east Manhattan

General Details

Right off the bat, she is gorgeous. Upon further inspection, Lily is a classy and demure companion, truly one-of a kind in my opinion. After some reasonable screening, I met her at her apartment in NYC for a two hour session (FYI, she is not a clock-watcher so our session ran a bit longer than planned, but I still insisted on leaving her an extra tip).

Upon arrival, she welcomed me into her apartment like an old friend and offered me refreshments after making some small talk. I felt comfortable right away, which for me is important since I have had some not-so-pleasant encounters with other providers in the past. We talked for about 20 minutes while she sipped on white wine, and I had some fresh guava juice (I don't drink) that she told me she ordered from her favorite Dominican restaurant uptown. Right away, I could tell she was cultured, down-to-earth and sincere. We spoke for a bit longer when she leaned into kiss me and caressed my thigh. We moved things into the bedroom and...

Non-VIPS, I highly recommend spending time with Lily. She is sickly sweet and you will be running back for more.

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