Review: Lexa Skye

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Posted: October, 2017 by GOL123

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So I’ve never really been into fit girls but something about her website drew me in. Then I texted her and was sure I wanted to meet her. I am so glad I did! I am almost reluctant on writing this review Out of respect for the great time we had. She came all the way out to Orlando to meet me for dinner. She came in heels this great leather looking pants a grey cardigan sweaterand a black top. She looked perfect! I just knew it was her when she stepped out the car. We had great conversation over some incredible food, she knows how to keep the conversation going. It was the first time in a while where I went out with someone and no phones were used during the dinner. It was incredible to talk, share wine, and learn more about each other. We connected with some similarities in our past and I felt we understood each other. We both have musical ability, both are interested in health and travel, although I am slightly out of shape. These are conversations you cannot fake. I loved our time at the restaurant at the same level as our time alone...

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