Review: Lacey

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Posted: October, 2016 by FR0ZENT0AD

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I had seen Lacey many times, reviewed, and been something of a regular of hers. I hadn't reviewed her for a year though and thought I might as well update since her appearance, services, and attitude have changed over that time. First of all, the two call has declined. On occasion, I have confirmed an appointment and driven all the way to her place and been ignored. She is still hott as f@ck, but has gained weight. Much of it is in her breasts and ass. She has great features. However, I find her attitude poor. Lacey acts like she is not that interested in satisfying clients, is eager to quote the time remaining on the clock, and is deciding there are more acts and extras she just doesn't like to do. I doubt she even wants to be doing this for much longer. A few of my best experiences in the hobby were with Lacey, but I am moving on and will not be repeating with her.

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