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Posted: October, 2015 by WARRENPIECE

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Saw ad for Tantra so thought I'd give it a try. Texted Kumi around 7pm to see if she would be available at 11pm. Quick response said yes see me then. Gave her the Strip hotel and room number. At midnight she still wasn't there said I'd give her 15 minutes. 15 minutes passed and headed to casino. As I walked down the hall she appeared and I introduced myself and she apologized for being late. Woman in the pics - probably a bit older than what she say in her ad. Decent looking and thin and trim body. Said she had a credit card issue - as the reason she was late. Said she would give me extra time to make up for it. Went to the room and got comfortable. OK massage and reasonable upsell on the flip. I have seen her twice.

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