Review: Kristen Di Angelo

TER ID: 16940

Posted: October, 2012 by YELLOWGUMMIBEAR7

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Washington DC

General Details

I wanted to meet a legend that was experienced, but still had an open mind to allow me to try to new things in experiences. This led me to ponder about Kristin after seeing her pictures as an actress and it gave me a cool Hollywood feel. I felt something new and exciting would happen if I saw her because she was offering a chance for role play. I sent in my request with some different scenarios that interested me and crossed my fingers. Like a sexy genie, she said she would grant my wish and I was surprised since her attitude seemed fresh despite her many experiences. Her assistant Celeste was very professional and helped set everything up with no problems. One thing that helped speed the process was the technical savvy and understanding that Kristin showed profusely. The phone calls came to confirm in a very precise way and the anticipation was amazing as I had built up so many fantasies about Kristin before our meeting. I was given directions on where to go and I entered to go up to the door of destiny. The door opened to a woman that embraced me and began kissing me. Her touches were both therapeutic and sensual, as they roamed around my body in just the right places. Her tongue met my tongue and introduced itself to my lips as well. She had a nice selection of music that varied in all genres, so it was nice to pick the soundtrack because it was like there was a jukebox in the room. The hugs and genuine happiness was great because those are very underrated expressions of affection. I got ready and was surprised by the sudden change into character as my role play scenario came to life. It was very organic and explosive.

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