Review: Kristen Di Angelo

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Posted: March, 2011 by MARTINMAN

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Dupont Circle

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I had my eye on Kristen's website for awhile. I saw that she was visting DC and I took a chance and called the number. Her assistant picked up and I asked if a same day appointment was available. She said I could come by in a few hours if I'd like. I was very excited and hopped in my car. Kristen was staying in a nice upscale hotel in the Dupont Circle area. The funny thing was that their were picketers outside the hotel protesting their wages and I actually had to break the picket line to get in the hotel. It was funny more than anything. Typical two call system and I got the room number from Kristen's assistant. Headed up and knocked on the door. Non-Vip's, highlly recommend! VIP's read on.

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