Review: Kristen Di Angelo

TER ID: 16940

Posted: November, 2002 by LUVBLONDES2

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This is one attractive lady, although she doesn't show her face entirely on her web page. I've seen many escorts, but this is the first I've felt motivated enough to sit down, join TER, and submit a review. I've seen her in both incall and outcall situations. Her routine is that she asked you to get comfotable on the bed (by taking getting undressed) while she excuses herself and goes into the bathroom. A minute or so later, she re-enters in a very, very sexy lingerie and begins to snuggle up to you, rubbing her chest up against hers as she begins to run her fingers through your hair. I was immediately blown away by her body, particularly her chest, and waited in great anticipation to get a chance to see what they looked like with out her sexy bra. Shortly thereafter, she reached behind her back, unhooked it

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