Review: Kristen Di Angelo

TER ID: 16940

Posted: May, 2011 by HORNETRED

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Session Location

Manhattan hotel

General Details

Exchanged e-mails then was directed to call her scheduler. Set up the appointment a week or so in advance after being cleared based on my whitelisting on TER by 7 indy providers. Anxiously awaited our rondevous - looking at her website and reading her TER reviews just added to the anticipation. The day finally came. Met at a midtown hotel. Called and got the room number and when she opened the door and I walked in here was this absolutely beautiful slim petite California blonde in jeans and a skimply little top. We sat down and talked for 5 minutes then she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. We both took off our clothes and she asked what kind of music I liked. She put on some 70's San Francisco stuff like the Dead, Airplane and Santana and we were off to the races.

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